Get your lights to do everything you want and more. Using WiZ Connected technology you can enjoy full control of your lights whether it’s through WiFi, mobile data networks, the WiFi remote or your existing switches.

By giving you more ways to control, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to how you’d like to interact with your light. Works with IFTTT and thanks to the cloud, 4lite WiZ Connected lights integrate easily with most other connected systems so you can use triggers from your other favourite apps. Turn on the light when my security camera detects motion. Change the light to cool white when it gets hot. Change the light to bright red in case of a carbon monoxide emergency.

With Google Assistant, Apple Siri shortcuts on iOS 12, Samsung Smart Things and Amazon Alexa, you can even control your lights with your voice!

WiZ Connected Bulb


Easily create scenes like a lighting designer.


Turn on the light when I connect to my home Wi-Fi.


Get the right light at the right time with Circadian Rhythm.


Install your 4Lite Connected Light


Connect to Wi-Fi via WiZ APP


Enjoy & Share with Others

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Dynamic Light Modules

From the cosy hues of ‘fireplace’, mesmerising shades of ‘deep dive’ or the fun and light-hearted ‘mojito’; our dynamic light modes let you achieve more than flat colour washes.

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64,000 Whites

Light has a quiet power. It impacts your mood, how you experience the world around you, and even how you sleep.

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16 Million Colours

Treat your walls with your favourite shade of colour. With so many colours to choose from and the ability to save your favourite shades, you can ‘paint the town red’ or add little colour when you are feeling blue.

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Each room has a recommended set of schedules to help automate your lighting needs, or you can customise and set your own!

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Take a picture of the perfect room atmosphere with your lights and bring it back again whenever and as often as you want just by clicking on the snapshot. The scenes setting will also help you programme advanced voice control and IFTTT integrations.

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Privacy Guaranteed

Encryption secured on the pairing proces. There is no access to Wi-Fi password by local hackers and there are no hidden backdoors.