Let your kitchen and bathroom shine with downlights

The kitchen and bathroom are the champions of your home. They're the first to see activity in the morning, giving you a hot cup of coffee and a fry up, and helping you look your best for the day ahead, and the last to go to sleep at night, providing you with a well-deserved dinner and a rejuvenating shower.

Surveys have shown they're some of the rooms we spend most time in––we live about 12% of our lives in our kitchens––so it stands to reason that they're the rooms we put the most effort into designing.

But without great lighting, even the most beautiful rooms look dull. Kitchens and bathrooms fall victim to this the most, with most people leaving existing light fittings the same as when they moved in, not sure how to replace the old lighting whilst keeping the electricals safe.

The truth is that clean, safe, and modern lighting solutions are simpler than you think. In areas of the home most at risk of water damage from steam and splashing, downlighting is the best option to create modern lighting solutions that are safe, functional and beautiful.

Using overhead spotlights, downlighting creates light, airy rooms with a modern feeling. The versatility of spotlights mean they can be installed anywhere, lighting everywhere from the main expanse of the room to individual countertops. Spotlights ensure you've got the best light for preparing even the most complex dish in your recipe book, and getting the closest shave.

Smart downlighting can also be a great addition, adding a warm, yellow-toned glow to your home for when you want to relax, or brighter white light to wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead. Smart lighting offers both, and a whole range of more lighting possibilities via your Smartphone, voice control, schedules and much more, without having to crack out the stepladder and change bulbs. Utilising 4lite smart lights fully-connected app. It's never been easier to change your lights whenever you feel like it.

Your kitchen and bathroom don't have to be utilitarian spaces––fill them with life and colour with beautiful, modern lighting solutions.

Find out more at www.4liteuk.com/connected.