IMPORTANT NOTICE: 4lite Connected by WiZ lightbulbs

IMPORTANT NOTICE: 4lite Connected by WiZ lightbulbs

Due to a software update released by WiZ on 5th October 2022, a small number of 4lite Connected by WiZ lightbulbs have been affected and may now not be operating.

Only certain products that were powered and connected to the Internet at the time of the software update may have been affected.

If your bulb matches one of the products listed below and is no longer working, you are entitled to a replacement product free of charge.

Please email warranty@4liteuk.com with your name, address and contact details, along with the product details including the model number if known. A copy of the proof of purchase or an image of the faulty product will be required.

Alternatively, please call us on 01565 656 635 to speak with a customer service representative.

A limited number of the following products may have been affected:

  • 4L1/8041 GU10 Dimmable White 2700K
  • 4L1/8014 ST64 E27 Filament TW Amber
  • 4L1/8018 G125 E27 Filament TW Amber
  • 4L1/8015 ST64 E27 Filament TW Smoky
  • 4L1/8016 A60 E27 Filament TW Amber
  • 4L1/8019 G125 E27 Filament TW Smoky
  • 4L1/8017 A60 E27 Filament TW Smoky
  • 4L1/8012 A60 B22 Filament TW Amber
  • 4L1/8010 ST64 B22 Filament TW Amber
  • 4L1/8013 A60 B22 Filament TW Smoky
  • 4L1/8011 ST64 B22 Filament TW Smoky
  • 4L1/8040 GU10 RGBTW