The benefits of LED solar lighting

LED solar lighting has been growing in popularity over many years, and as the technology has improved, so have the quality and variety of lights available to you. As well as providing extra security and illumination for your garden, solar lights can be ornate, beautiful and bring with them a wealth of additional benefits.

A greener choice

We are all much more aware about the impact that we are making on the planet, and solar lights are a fantastic green alternative. During the day they soak up the suns rays to charge their batteries, then unleash the energy at night. That means they don’t need an outside energy source, plus the batteries are recyclable when they reach the end of their working lives.

No cost to install

Because they don’t need wiring up in any way, solar lights cost nothing to install! There's no need for an electrician, so you simply take them home, position them where you would like them go and sit back in the evening to enjoy the results.


Battery technology has come on in leaps and bounds, meaning the batteries in your solar lights will last much longer than they would have done even a handful of years ago. That means they are incredibly low-maintenance lighting choice. You will rarely need to change the batteries and all you need to do to keep them in good working order is give them a clean now and then.

No bills!

Nobody likes energy bills. By choosing solar lights for your garden instead of wired lighting, you can save yourself a pretty penny in electricity fees. You can get the same effect as wired lights, but there is next to no cost in terms of installation and maintenance.

Choose where you place them

Wired outdoor lighting systems have their limits, because you have got to keep your lights close to their power source and see the cables are carefully situated. With solar lights, you can choose to position them just about anywhere in your garden. As long as they are going to get full sun for a proportion of the day, the possibilities are boundless and they can be sited to create real ambiance in your garden or patio area.

Aesthetically pleasing

The range of solar lights now available is incredible, with some beautiful and ornate designs which are really pleasing on the eye. You can easily find solar lights to your taste and style, to see your garden looks magical when the sun goes down.